There’s One in Every Crowd

Now that baby has officially passed the three-month mark, we decided to share the news at work and with friends.

Some observations from sharing at work: a surprising number of people felt it was necessary and appropriate to ask me if this baby was planned.  That seems rather nosy to me, given that anyone who has to ask about my specific family planning probably isn’t close enough to me to have been invited into my confidence about it in the first place.

Maybe even better, I think it took less than 15 minutes for one of my coworkers to inform me that I have to start eating meat now because I’m eating for two. Ha ha. So hilarious.  No, thanks, I can get all the protein and other vitamins and nutrients I need without a burger, and I’m probably healthier for it. But kudos to you, hilarious coworker, for bringing it back to my funny diet.

Being greeted at work with “Hey, preggers,” is pretty awesome, too. Oh, six months, you’re going to be long, aren’t you?

More awesome (in the actually awesome department), sharing the news on Facebook with friends made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So many people were happy to share my excitement with me, even old friends with whom I rarely, if ever, actually talk. I love how much everyone seems to love a new baby.

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