Second Trimester

That today marks 13 weeks makes sense to me. That today marks the start of the second trimester does not. I can’t quite wrap my head around how we’re already a third of the way there. I feel like this is all still quite new, and baby’s got a lot of growing left to do!

At 13 weeks, baby should be about 3 inches long and weigh about an ounce. I so wish I could get another sonogram picture at my next monthly appointment, but I’m going to have to wait until March for the next one of those. Instead, I’ll have to be satisfied with hearing baby’s heartbeat next week. And I will be, because I love any little sign that things are still moving along smoothly.

My regular pants are starting to feel a bit tight, but I’m not really ready for maternity clothes yet. I bought a belly band to help me get by until I really do need to switch to maternity clothes. I’ve also started noticing more frequent heartburn in the last week. I made it through the whole first trimester without a moment of morning sickness. I’ve had some fatigue, but I wouldn’t say it was very bad. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this means things will stay “mild” for the next trimester. According to everything I’ve read, it’s supposed to be the best one.

I did some shopping on Amazon over the weekend and bought a couple of pregnancy items, too. I picked up a prenatal yoga DVD and a snoogle body pillow. I’m often a stomach sleeper, so I hope this pillow will help me to be a more comfortable side sleeper. After tossing and turning all night last night, a more comfortable sleeper of any sort would be welcome.

This trimester, husband and I need to actually start thinking about nurseries and things that baby will need, and we’re going to have to start trying harder to come up with names. We’ll also be taking an Infant/Child CPR class. I can’t wait for the summer to get here, but we’ve got so much to do before that happens!

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