Looks Like a Baby

What a difference a month can make. Four weeks ago, baby looked just like a finger. But at today’s ultrasound, baby looked like, well, a baby! Baby was wiggly and measured a few days larger than expected.

Our very nice ultrasound tech also tried to get a nice picture of baby’s facial features for us. Husband summed it up: “It looks like an alien.” He took the words right out of my mouth.

Alien or not, I just can’t get over how much progress can be accomplished in one month. Baby is 6 times bigger now. Everything looks healthy and normal at this point, so I have to wait until 18 weeks for my next ultrasound. I’m glad everything is going smoothly so far, but I’ll be sad not to get new pictures at my next appointment. It’s so reassuring to see baby moving around and well on the monitor. I suppose once I start getting a belly, that will be a reassuring sign, too.

Completely unexpectedly, I actually lost 2 pounds between this appointment and the last. Which is what starting out overweight and then quitting drinking your beloved Coke can do for you. Thanks for bringing the necessary level of commitment to more healthy eating, baby.

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