Early Pregnancy Basics Class

Last week we attended an “Early Pregnancy Basics” class at a local hospital. I was mostly interested in attending the class because it included a tour of the maternity area, but was pleasantly surprised to get a lot more than a tour out of the class.The nurse who led the class showed us a bunch of posters of the developing fetus, and I was surprised at how every time I thought the baby looked big enough to be born, she had another poster to show with an even bigger baby. Those little guys sure do get big. (And put so much pressure on your bladder!)

Among other things, I learned that some babies are actually born with teeth (creepy!), and that nurses are interested in seeing the quality of your umbilical cord, which can depend on you taking in enough protein and other important nutrients.

It was good to get a tour of the labor and delivery rooms, the nursery, and the postpartum rooms, too. Since this is my first baby, this was all completely new to me.

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