Word of the Day



: seeing your teeny tiny baby for the first time.
: hearing teeny tiny baby’s heart beat.

Our first sonogram was today. Baby appears to be 6 weeks and 4 days along, which is only 2 days off from what I had expected. Baby’s heart is beating, which I expected, but it was a surprise that we were able to listen to it. I’m just amazed at how fast things come together once sperm meets egg. Equally fascinating, they could tell me which ovary the egg came from. I had no idea science knew that.

Slightly less awesome is the small amount of blood that is apparently hanging out with baby right now, but I was assured that it was nothing to freak out about. Apparently it happens often, and could very well just be absorbed back into my body. Either way, it means another ultrasound at my next appointment, which is in a month. Which I won’t complain about, because I can’t wait to see what baby can do with another month.

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