6 Weeks

Today marks 6 weeks pregnant.

According to everything I’ve read, that means that baby is now the size of of sweet pea (one quarter of an inch), and is just starting to form facial features. Baby’s heart is already beating, and the little one might even start moving soon (not that I’ll know).

This is the week when symptoms can really kick in, supposedly, but so far I’ve been lucky. I’ve had only some very mild symptoms. Biggest symptom: worry that the lack of symptoms isn’t luck, but some sort of problem.

This past week, I’ve started working on improving my diet. I didn’t realize at first that I need to aim for about 70 grams of protein a day. That is a LOT of protein, especially when you don’t eat meat. Hello, eggs and dairy. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, but I’ve started to adjust my schedule so that I can have time to fix an egg sandwich in the morning. I’ve read that consuming more omega-3 fatty acids are good for baby’s developing brain and have been associated with improved sleep once baby is born, so I bought those fancy eggs with extra omega-3. (I think this may be more important later on, but no reason not to start now.)

Online, I’ve been reading about questions to ask my doctor, how to choose a hospital, and what sort of things will I need to buy for baby. I also read some about labor, and I think I’d like to skip that part.

My first official check up is this Friday, and I can’t wait.

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