Just Relax

So this morning I called my doctor for my lab results (thank you, holiday weekend, for making me wait so long) and made my pregnancy doctor-official. I passed my blood test. I got to schedule my first appointment, which happens in about two weeks. I’m so glad I get to see the doctor before I spend the holidays with my family. I don’t see how I can keep it a secret from them until three months have passed, but I really didn’t want to share the news without even one doctor’s appointment under my belt.

I don’t feel pregnant. I don’t feel fatigued, or nauseous, or have any cravings or food aversions. Mostly, I’ve just got an awesome case of high school acne. I sort of wish I did feel more pregnant, so it would be more real. I’m still feeling a little paranoid that since things seem to be going so smoothly, something is secretly amiss. But the internet and What to Expect When You’re Expecting both tell me that I should just relax and feel lucky.

Actually, reading about all the other women who say they don’t feel pregnant on pregnancy forums has me feeling a little cliche. So now I want to relax out of spite. Which makes me think “naturally contrary” is probably an apt name.

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