A Mostly Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

{photo courtesy of The First Mess}

Thanksgiving this year was spent with good friends and delicious food. Since this was a gathering of vegetarians and vegans, there was no turkey, and honestly, it wasn’t missed. We stuffed ourselves and felt properly festive about it. The main dish was this amazing stuffed squash from The First Mess. I think the dried cherries really made the stuffing. This squash may very well be making a reappearance at Christmas.

Along with the stuffed squash, we feasted on traditional stuffing, vegan green bean casserole, sage and garlic mashed potatoes, 5-cup Fruit Salad (not vegan, but a family tradition I’m not interested in parting with), and homemade yeast rolls. For dessert, my friend made us a vegan pumpkin cheesecake. We snacked on sugar cookies and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. And for breakfast the next day, I made these very easy and very tasty Apple Pie Crumb Cake Muffins. We ate like kings.

Normally, husband and I celebrate Thanksgiving on our own, as our family is too far flung to make Thanksgiving travel very practical. I was very thankful this year to be able to spend it with people we love and never get to spend enough time with.

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