Meal Plan Tuesday

Oops, it’s Wednesday! I slipped in an unplanned meal made from items I had on hand, and then an unplanned dinner out at Olive Garden, so I’m a little behind this week.

This week our CSA share felt a little bit like a flashback to summer, with green peppers, ripe red tomatoes, and lettuce. Of course, fall also brought us chinese cabbage, butternut squash, Japanese turnips, and green tomatoes. Also sun choke, which I have no idea how to prepare. I don’t normally cook with a lot of these ingredients, so it will be more new-to-us recipes this week.

There’s a pot luck at work on Friday, too. As the only vegetarian, I like to ensure my ability to actually eat at these things by bringing a dish that would suffice for my meal. I planned to bring a pasta salad, but someone else “always” brings pasta salad, so I am forced to come up with something else. I really struggle with finding a good, vegetarian potluck dish that I think everyone will enjoy. So this time, depending on what everyone else makes, my lunch may just be carrot cake. But I do make a mean carrot cake, so that’s ok.

This week, we shall feast on:

Last Week’s Menu

Last week turned out pretty tasty. The lasagna is an old family recipe that I make vegetarian simply by leaving out the ground beef in the sauce. In the past, I’ve tried substituting fake meat in the sauce, but I think just omitting the meat makes it taste more true to the original. The vegetarian sausage pizza was delicious (Gimme Lean Ground Sausage is one meat substitute that does not disappoint), as were the samosas and the quesadillas. The arugula pesto wheat berries were alright, but rather chewy. I’m not a wheat berry expert, so I’m not sure whether that’s just how they are or if I should have cooked them longer. Tonight, I’ll finally make the chunky celery soup (which I know from experience is very good), and tomorrow the stir-fried komatsuna.

P.S. If you want to try the vegetarian sausage, you can save $1 with this coupon from Lightlife.

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