We bought our house at the end of October, last year. Since then, we’ve done some things to make it home, but not much. I still haven’t painted a single thing, and we still have a dryer sitting in our formal living room, waiting to be put up on Craigslist. In my office alone, I’ve got stacks of fabrics that need to be sorted and put away, and piles of other junk that needs homes. I think there’s still a box of items in my bedroom which have never been properly unpacked.

I want to get this place in shape by the time our one-year home ownership anniversary comes around. That means cleaning and organizing, and at least starting to think about paint colors. Seriously, the baby blue living room isn’t working for me.

Yesterday, a stumbled across Nesting Place’s 31 Days of Change project. I’m not sure I can sustain 31 solid days of blogging about fixing up my home (nor am I ready to share some of “before” photos), but I’m inspired by the idea, and it’s come along at the right time to help me focus on getting my house in order. I’m following a few of the participants, looking for inspiration I can use in my own homemaking. The Wellsprings of Life is sharing 31 Days of Handmade Gifts, and Take the Side Street is sharing 31 Days of Fall Nesting (perfect, right?). There’s also 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration at Our Fine House and 31 Days to an Eclectic Home at Living with Lindsey. There’s about 600 more to follow, but I can’t handle that, and these few look like just what I need.

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