Another Anniversary

This weekend was our first year anniversary of having no upstairs neighbors stomp their feet across our ceiling. Our first year anniversary of not having to listen to water run through the walls every time the upstairs neighbor flushes the toilet. The first year anniversary of not having to hide behind blackout curtains at night, because of the spotlight-bright lamp outside our bedroom window.

This weekend was our first year anniversary of home ownership. It’s amazing how quickly a year can pass.

I feel like we’re still working on making our house a home. Just last weekend, we finally had someone come out to inspect our chimney, so we’d know it was safe to use the fireplace. It is.  I’ve got big plans to paint walls and make curtains. I’m starting with the guest bedroom.

After stumbling across a lovely wreath decorated with felt flowers, I felt inspired to make one for myself. The light was terrible for photos, but I wanted to share a few anyway. Maybe I can get some better ones tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and having it on the front door makes things just a little bit more homey.

And speaking of fall decorating, I’ve still got a table runner I’m planning to make. I just finished the reading the thirteenth (and last, so far) book in a series today. Reading those books has been an almost daily activity since May. I suspect with my newfound free time, I will be getting a lot more done in other areas of my life, such as getting that table runner finally made.

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